Single training: 

30₾ per session

Kimono rent:

Kimono is a must for all  trainings, if you don’t have one,  you can rent one from us for 30₾

ADULTS (dolidze):

12 Month Commitment
140₾ /mo – Unlimited* classes 

6 Month Commitment
150₾ /mo – Unlimited* classes

Monthly fee (NO COMMITMENT)

180/mo – Unlimited* classes 

ADULTS (Didi Dighomi):

12 Month Commitment
120₾ /mo – Unlimited** classes

6 Month Commitment
130₾ /mo – Unlimited** classes

Monthly fee (NO COMMITMENT)

150/mo – Unlimited** classes 


Monthly fee (NO COMMITMENT)

120/mo – 3 trainings per week

JUDO (Didi Dighomi)

120₾ /mo – 3 trainings per week


Monthly fee (NO COMMITMENT)

70/mo – 1 classes per week 

* ADULTS Unlimited package includes WOMEN ONLY classes 


Monthly fee (NO COMMITMENT)

/mo – 1 classes per week 

* ADULTS Unlimited and Kids program includes those classes

* Subject to availability, to insure a spot please book a class one day in advance.

** Except for open mat, Didi Dighomi branch subscription is limited to Didi Dighomi. 

For more information about our membership plans and conditions follow the link. In case of additional questions please contact us.

Please fill up the on-line registration form before attending your first class. 

Legion Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 
29 Victor Dolidze , T’bilisi
10 Ioane Petritsi St, Tbilisi