Grappling for MMA

“Grappling for MMA” where you will learn and apply Brazilian Jiu Jitsu techniques which are adapted for MMA fighting.
This program is:
 For beginners, who just started MMA and want to add grappling skills to their arsenal.
 For professionals, who want to improve their grappling skills in MMA.
Program will Increase:
 Your Submission rates.
 Your Ground game confidence.
 And most importantly, your chances to win MMA fight.
Program consists of 2 training’s per week:
🕚 Wednesday 11 a.m. – You will learn grappling techniques followed with sparring.
🕛 Saturday 12 a.m. – You will attend open mat, where for 2 hours you will spar with Legion BJJ athletes to improve your grappling techniques.
👊Do not miss this chance!
🏷Program costs only 55 GEL per month!