6 Primary Positions of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Compared to other martial arts, Brazilian Jiu jitsu( BJJ) distinguishes itself from multitude positions and techniques, which in result, might frustrate and infuriate beginner practitioner. And it is true, BJJ contains 6 primary positions, from which you have to work from bottom and top, as well as from left and right side. Add to that … Read more

The Facts on REAL Strength For Grappling Athletes

When it comes to strength and conditioning, many Grapplers especially BJJ practitioners still train like amateurs. I have trained many fighters; many are weak and don’t want to make commitment to strength training. I mean real strength work; heavy squatting, deadlifting and benching; triples, doubles or singles. They are not unlike other sport athletes that … Read more

Japanese Coach Credits Crosstraining BJJ For Their Olympic Comeback

Everybody was strategizing hard before the Olympics. And newaza was a huge factor playing into all that. Just check out the report Dr. Rhadi Ferguson and Christopher Round wrote for Kayla Harrisoncomparing aspects of her game (including newaza) to those of her potential opponents. Now the Japanese Olympic Judo coach and legendary player Kosei Inoue talked about the strategy applied for the Teddy Riner … Read more

Importance of choosing the right coach!

Physical upbringing is as important as educational for our children. It is vital not only for their physical health , but also will teach them to socialize, develop discipline, teamwork skills and empathy. Coach plays huge role in development of our children. So it is very important to choose the right coach.Coach will be a … Read more


Learning self-defense is not only for adults. In fact, many parents encourage their children to learn basic moves at a young age. There are many schools which offer formal training in self-defense. Some offer weekend classes while others offer after-school classes. Self-defense training offers more than just developing the skill that your child could use … Read more

Self-Defense Training

Overview Self-defense classes offer a number of benefits for people of all ages. You can take self-defense classes in gyms and community centers around the country. There are a variety of styles, moves and self-defense techniques, so do your research to find a style that fits you, and then find a qualified instructor in that … Read more

Top 10 benefits of knowing self-defense

Safety:Self-defense classes will give you the ability to protect yourself and overcome an attacker. Knowing how to defend yourself can help you feel less anxious in public, or fearful when walking alone in the night. You will learn the basics of how to quickly disable and protect yourself from an attacker so that you can … Read more