The Benefits of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Brazilian jiu jitsu, one of the most popular martial arts and sports in the world, is more than what people perceive it to be. What it is, is a way for people to change their life as it can have some of the biggest impacts in the way that people, in a better way.



Physical Benefits of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu :


When talk to students training in Brazilian jiu jitsu and ask them what benefits it offers, some of the most common answers is that they “lost so much weight”, “my body’s a lot more flexible now” and other similar responses. There is the fact that with Brazilian jiu jitsu, there will be undeniable significant changes in your body.

Days and weeks after practicing Brazilian jiu jitsu, you will see your body physically changing. Your training will have you see amazing improvements in your overall health being the result of your training.  Exercising is almost always associated with looking good. The fact is that people always want to look in a certain way and with that you rarely hear people say that they work out to lower their cholesterol, right?

Almost always you will hear that people exercise to shed weight and look good. But with Brazilian jiu jitsu, it’s not only the losing weight that makes it appealing. More so, it is the improved health, the positive changes to your overall well-being that makes it truly worthwhile. But apart from losing weight and other health benefits, Brazilian jiu jitsu teaches you how your body can be used as one unit.

Brazilian jiu jitsu teaches you with incredible body awareness with mobility and strength following. As you train more and more, significant improvements in your strength and increase in the number of your lifts. During your drills and techniques, you will see great improvement in your mobility and you’ll be able to move your hips a lot better. Brazilian jiu jitsu has simply many physical benefits to offer you, both within and outside of your body.



The Mental Benefits


More than the physical benefits, Brazilian jiu jitsu also has mental benefits that are often overlooked. People have to know that in training and learning the techniques in Brazilian jiu jitus, the mental activity required is as much as the physical. With Brazilian jiu jitsu, you study the technique and then you learn to apply it. Learning how to apply the technique is often the most challenging part in training.

In this sport, patience is important with learning the techniques and drills. On that note, if you are the type of person that easily gets frustrated and quit, then this isn’t likely your sport. Brazilian jiu jitsu is not easy at first but if you quit, you will never learn. Stopping simply because it is hard then you will never be able to reach the top. That’s what Brazilian jiu jitsu teaches those who practice the sports.


Additionally, this sport is a great way for you to “stress out” and allowing you to let out the pent up emotions which could have impact in your health. It may seem that Brazilian jiu jitsu is just a simple sport or martial arts but it isn’t. It’s also a way for people to deal with the stress in life and remain healthy despite it.




Brazilian jiu jitsu academies has almost every type of person you can think of – doctors, lawyers, students, law enforcement, businessmen and women, and more. Every day they walk into the gym for the same reason – to get better at BJJ. These same people walk into the academy every day and improve their health, learning ability, and stress levels.  This is what Brazilian jiu jitsu lifestyle is all about.


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