Learning self-defense is not only for adults. In fact, many parents encourage their children to learn basic moves at a young age. There are many schools which offer formal training in self-defense. Some offer weekend classes while others offer after-school classes.

Self-defense training offers more than just developing the skill that your child could use in case they are put into a situation where they have to defend themselves. There are many other benefits your child could enjoy during training.

The foremost benefit of self-defense training is that it helps improve the overall health and wellness of your child. Physical activities during training encourage movement of the entire body which in turns helps avoid obesity which is common among young children. It also helps improve their stamina to endure other strenuous physical activities they may encounter at home or at school. Also, these activities can help develop flexibility and coordination of the body and mind.

Self-confidence and self-control are also among the benefits of self-defense training. In training school, your child will be taught not to use their skill to aggressively start a fight but to use it to defend themselves. And that will teach your child about self-control which is an important part of a positive character. If your child lacks confidence because of constant bullying in school, their confidence can also improve with self-defense training knowing that they can now defend themselves against bullies.

Many parents also see great improvement on their child’s behavior and personality after several sessions of self-defense training. As your child trains, he will know the importance of concentration and focus to avoid getting punched or kicked. With improved concentration and focus, your child could use these new improvements to perform better in school because they can now concentrate more in listening to their teacher.

Other known benefits of learning self-defense among children are improved self-esteem, improved attitude toward other people especially the weaker ones, and improved attitude against challenges. Also, children who are skilled in self-defense become natural leaders in their school as they gain the trust and confidence of their fellow students. As a result, they also become more mature and able to know about responsibility at an early age.

With the widespread bullying in many schools, self-defense training is gaining in popularity nowadays. And while the purpose of many parents is for their children to develop confidence in facing their bullies, training offers their children many other benefits.

There are different ways on how you could introduce self-defense to young children. One way is through self-defense coloring pages. So instead of buying Disney’s Frozen coloring pages or Skylanders coloring pages which are quite popular nowadays, why not buy coloring pages that teach basic self-defense moves? They may not be very common but you can find them in many bookstores. These coloring pages could teach even toddlers some basic moves to defend themselves against attackers so that when they enroll in formal training, they will already be familiar with some of those moves.

Your gender makes no difference; knowing how to defend yourself is incredibly important. Self-defense training, also called functional defense training, is an important undertaking for anyone in today’s society. Knowing how to defend yourself comes with many benefits. Here are just five benefits that you’ll experience by taking a self-defense course:


The obvious benefit of self-defense training is your personal safety. By joining a self-defense class or signing up for private lessons will ensure that you understand how to defend yourself. The basics of functional defense training will teach you how to not only defend yourself, but to disable any attacker that comes your way. The goal of self-defense training is not to teach you how to permanently injure someone, but how to give yourself enough space to retreat safely.


When you are trained in the art of self-defense, your self-confidence will increase tenfold. You’ll learn to be more aware of your surroundings, and you’ll understand how to prepare yourself for the unexpected no matter where you are. When you feel self-confident, you appear stronger. When you appear stronger, you are less likely to be the victim of an attacker. Walking with your head up, your shoulders back and with a purpose is often enough to dissuade a potential attack.


If you’ve been looking for a way to add more exercise to your life, functional defense training is a perfect option. The training will help to build strength and endurance while it tones your muscles and improves your balance. While you can receive these benefits from many different types of exercise, none other will provide you with the ability to protect yourself. After just a few weeks of self-defense training, your flexibility will be increased as will your lung capacity.

4.Social Interaction

It’s rare that a self-defense class is made up of one kind of specific person. Taking a class will allow you to interact with people of different ages and walks of life. If you have been looking for a way to meet new people and make new friends, taking a class is a fantastic way to do both of those things. When you take a class with people, you already have at least one thing in common. You can use that commonality as a spring board for new relationships.


Once you begin to exercise on a regular basis, your muscle tone will improve. More than muscle tone, you’ll gain better overall health. Your heart will get stronger, you’ll have more energy during the day, and you’ll sleep better at night. You will experience a drop in blood pressure, a lowering of your cholesterol levels, and you may even lose weight. Once you start to feel the benefits of your improved health, you may look for other changes that you can make in order to live a healthier life.

The benefits of learning how to defend yourself are many. From overall health to a newfound self-confidence, functional defense training can improve many aspects of your life. Look for a class held locally; you’ll soon find yourself addicted to your new, healthy lifestyle.

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